The Peracix is a fuel created from water, salt, and remains and bones of dead species.

The Peracix is used as the primary fuel for cars and is a replacement for weapon ammunition, electricity and steam. It is also used as a drug, which causes hallucinations seconds after injected to the arm.

The use of the Peracix made it's debut in 2092 and was replaced with oil again in 2122.

History & UseEdit

27 B.C.Edit

One of the oldest recordings of the use of Peracix was in B.C. 27th. It was used to forge armory and strengthens chainmails, and was also used to sharpen swords and tips of arrows. It's origin and discoverer is unknown, and the original date of invention is also currently debatable.


During the feud between the Henessy Cowboys and the Waylon Avery's, their supportive weapon manufacturers started using the Peracix fuel to boost up the manufacturing of firearms. The two gangs try to eliminate each other, or most likely try to stop the use of the Peracix.


The Nazi's made use of the Peracix, but it's unknown what they were precisely using for. Kurt Steiner brought the idea to use it, but the idea was rejected. After some time, the idea was brought up again and was in use. One of the generals written the code that includes the ingredient on paper, put it around a pigeon and sent the pigeon to Berlin, Germany. However, the note has never arrived and at some point the use of the Peracix was discontinued.

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